Zintek is the all Italian company which produces zinc-titanium laminate Zintek for architecture. In its plant located in Porto Marghera-Venice, active since 1936, the company boasts a unique production chain which goes from the melting of the zinc and its casting up to the production, commercialization and application of Zintek.

Nowadays the company is the main Italian reference point for the construction of zinc covering solutions, façades and tinsmitery in zinc-titanium Zintek, perfect for any context. Zintek offers a high quality product, specialized professionalism and skills from designing to application, in order to make the best use of the qualities of Zintek and guarantee the aesthetic pleasantness, long lifespan and authenticity of buildings and zinc cladding, with maximum attention to their sustainability.

The increasing commercialization and diffusion of zinc-titanium laminates in Europe and the rest of the world can only be explained within an ever more innovative architectonic context, where there is a growing demand for new materials, capable of adapting to unprecedented shapes.



Zintek® has the following sustainable characteristics:

  • rainwater collected from zintek® gutters, contrary to other materials, is excellent for the watering gardens as it promotes plant growth and reducing the need to use drinking water for irrigation;

  • zintek® does not release waste in contrast to other materials which may smudge or somehow damage plasters and walls, favouring a decreased need for maintenance and the best aesthetic quality.

  • in contact with water it generates a basic surface layer of highly stable zinc carbonate, which offers high corrosion resistance and therefore a very long durability (up to 100 years in a rural environment);

  • once installed, it does not require maintenance or particular protective treatments, significantly reducing the maintenance costs;

    - it preserves the value of the building over time
    - It is malleable and easy to work with, and lends itself to any architectural expression;
    - It is perfectly compatible with current environmental standards;
    - It is totally recyclable and reusable, while maintaining a high market value;
    - coupled to a ventilation package it reduces moisture and limits the accumulation of heat;
    - as a coating skin combined with a powerful stratigraphic package, it promotes energy savings.


  • Architecture

  • Roofing & coverings

  • Cladding

  • Gutters and rainwater down pipes 

  • Architectural facades

  • Interior design

  • Exterior design