UniCredit Pavilion

Milan (IT)

A “seed” of wood and rolled titanium-zinc planted in the new center of Milan.

It’s an exemplary project, not only for the architectural design of Michele De Lucchi, but also for the elevated degree of environmental sustainability achieved – proven by its LEED GOLD certification – thanks to a design which focuses on energy performance, on the use of resources, and on the choice of materials.

For the shell of the building and the outer coating of the large side doors Zintek pre-weathered titanium zinc has been used. The great malleability of the product allowed for the entire shape of the building to be accentuated, creating a single ‘zinc skin' coating that emphasizes the natural inspiration of the original design. The roofing system utilizes 900mm wide modules for the subdivision of metallic panels, the integration of skylights, solar panels, and ventilation grills.

The peculiar shape of the Pavilion, which recalls an armadillo or an elongated boulder, is as striking as it is irregular, and should be viewed in two ways: two and three dimensionally. Viewed from above, it appears regular, composed by identical rectangular modules and arranged upon orthogonal axes. Moving from two to three-dimensionality, it appears to be composed of elements - each one different from the others in order to accommodate the curvature of the structure.

Architect:            Michele De Lucchi
Photo:                 UniCredit Pavilion
Supplier:             Zintek