the Royal mint experience

South Wales (UK)

The Royal Mint Experience is a single story building designed by Rio Architects of Cardiff, a bold visual statement located in Llantrisant. In this Visitor Centre The Royal Mint provides a tour of the money-manufacturing factory and an interactive exhibition area to tell more about their history and current operations. The manufacturing processes of the Royal Mint are an essential part of its design. Richard Roberts, founding director The Royal Mint Experience says: ‘’The challenge was creating a striking and attractive envelope that reflects the essence of what goes on inside.”

Irene Suarez-Jimenez, architect Rio Architects, explains about façade design: “Our cladding concept is essentially an abstracted reflection of the coins minted at the factory that captures the changing hues associated with cascading coins, so the choice of material was extremely important. “Rimex is an amazing product that constantly changes its appearance under different lighting and atmospheric conditions and even the angle it’s viewed from. It complemented our vision for the facade perfectly.

The products used are ColourTex Rosy Gold Pearl, Rosy Gold Pagoda, Gold Pagoda and Bronze Pearl.

Architect:           Rio Architects
Photo:                Rio Architects
Supplier:            Rimex