THe ring of remembrance memorial

Ablain-Saint-Nazaire (FR)

Parisian architect Philippe Prost designed an unique memorial at the military cemetery of Notre Dame de Lorette, also known as ‘The Ring Of Remembrance’. This oval shaped monument is an expression to peace and commemorates the centenary of the First World War.

’It was necessary to give a shape to brotherhood to reunite those who once were enemies and gather together the 600,000 names of the combatants who fell on the battlefields of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais we chose the figure of the ring, thinking of the circle that is formed when people hold hands.’’ – Prost.

The outside of The Ring Of Remembrance is built with dark concrete, which stands for the colour of war. On the contrary, on the inside the light reflects off 500 bronzed stainless steel sheets on which are written the names of the 579,606 combatants. Small round lights are set to emit a warm coppery glow at night. All the plaques are made out of ColourTex Bronze Granex.

Architect:            Philippe Prost
Photo:                 Aitor Ortiz
Supplier:             Rimex