the muse

Trento (IT)

For some years now, architecture has made the so-called “urban regeneration” its slogan. This is the tendency to recover and – in fact – redevelop the pre-existing building heritage, especially in the suburbs, with interventions that are attentive to the natural context, to sustainability, and the social purpose alike. In fact, the aim of these operations is not only to renovate abandoned buildings, but also to improve the quality of life in the cities, by activating a virtuous circle between environmental and cultural sustainability.

One of the best-known examples of this type of initiative is the redevelopment of the ex-Michelin area in the city of Trento, on which a new neighborhood has arisen. Inaugurated in 2013, this is composed of a residential complex, named “Le Albere”, a multifunctional center and the MUSE, the museum of natural sciences in Trento. A project designed by the architect Renzo Piano, who wished to create an example of “responsible” architecture. In fact, the architect aimed to create buildings that are less and less “aggressive” towards the environment, made with natural materials, respecting the local tradition and the characteristics of the territory.

A philosophy that has led to the selection of Zintek titanium zinc sheet metal for the roof. An element chosen for its ecological qualities and perfectly compatible with the current environmental regulations (recyclable and reusable). But also for the ability to protect from atmospheric agents, without ignoring or sacrificing the aesthetic aspect. Indeed, the important task of ensuring a so-called stylistic uniformity to the entire complex has been entrusted to the cladding.

Architect:            Renzo Piano
Photo:                 Zintek Archive
Supplier:             Zintek