the cohen quadrangle

Exeter College, Oxford (UK)

The Exeter College, founded in 1314, is located in the heart of Oxford. This project is a modern interpretation of the collegiate quadrangle, an 800 year old pedagogical model which is the basis of Oxford’s academic and urban fabric. The new Cohen Quad of 6000 m² is an expansion of the campus and build in a S-shape around two courtyards. Alison Brooks Architects succeed to combine the original listed Victorian façade with innovative stainless steel products ColourTex Bronze Paladin and ColourTex Champagne Paladin on the curved roof.

‘’The quads’ public spaces are represented by a two storey stone clad ‘base’, while student rooms and fellows studies are enclosed by patterned stainless steel that folds across wall and roof surfaces. The over-riding concept of a ‘scholarly home’ is characterised by this all-embracing curved roof, marking the new Quad on Oxford’s skyline while providing unique loft study and living spaces.’’ABA

Architect:           Alison Brooks Architects
Photo:                Paul Riddle, Hufton & Crow
Supplier:            Rimex