Solar Egg

Kiruna (SWE)

TStudio Bigert & Bergström designed the Solar Egg as a social sculpture, where local people and visitors from Kiruna can meet. This egg-shaped sauna is a response to a commission from Riksbyggen.

’In the arctic climate of Lapland the sauna occupies a key position, as a room for warmth and reflection. B&B have taken up this tradition and developed a sculptural symbol that prompts thoughts of rebirth and an incubator that nurtures conversation and exchanges of ideas.’’ – Bigert & Bergström

The sculptural chamber is fully made out of ColourTex Gold Mirror sheeting. ‘’Its multifaceted form breaking up the surroundings that it reflects into a multiplicity of different mirror images. Landscape, mine, town, sky and snow are here combined into a fragmented image that can evoke associations with the complexity spanned by today’s discussion about climate and sustainable community development.’’

Architect :           Studio Bigert & Bergström
Photo:                 Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Supplier:             Rimex