Residential complex

Moscow (Russia)

In the past, workshops and garages dominated this area - nowadays two residential towers overlook the area. Architect Sergey Skuratov and his team realized the Egodom residential complex here. High-rise windows on two floors dominate the building and reach towards the sky. Facades with Hagemeister bricks visually connect to the historic buildings around and give both towers a powerful and at the same time modern expression.

With brick as a cladding, the verticality of the towers could mainly be shaped, says the convinced brick lover Skuratov: “Brick fears snow, ice or water. On top of that, it offers a functional and tactile surface. ”Buildings with brick have expressiveness, persuasion, potential and radiate confidence.

The bricks of the "Egodom" project sorting were specially developed for the residential complex and shines in various shades of red. With the brick, the location of Egodom was greatly upgraded. The two residential towers have become new landmarks in northeastern Moscow.

Architect:       Sergey Skuratov Architects, Moscow
Photos:          Sergey Skuratov Architects
Supplier:        Hagemeister GmbH & Co. KG