Palazzo delle Poste

Trieste (IT)

This historical building in Trieste was designed by a German architect Friedrich Setz in 1894. It was designed to accommodate both postal and business offices of Finance. Although it looks like a single building on the outside, it is actually divided into two parts. Nowadays it includes the Italian Post Office and the Postal and Telegraph Museum of Central Europe, where vintage postal equipment are kept.

The aesthetically pleasing fa├žade is designed in an eclectic style, combining the architecture of the Italian Renaissance palace and more typical Austrian elements. The six iconic statues punctuated on giant columns of the building represent the Navigation, the Railway, the Trade, the Viticulture, the Agriculture and the Industry.

During the assessment of the renovation work it turned out the roof was among the most damaged sections of the entire building. Therefore the roof was restored between 2008 and 2009 with natural zinc. Natural zinc of Zintek is one of the most used in the conservative restoration buildings. This material with excellent quality of ductility, highlights and maintains the previous building characteristics. Each piece was created with a particular sheet metal technique, and then placed together with the others by specialized workers.

Architect:            Donatella Berardone
Photo:                 Zintek Archive
Supplier:             Zintek