This six-sided geometric structure is a museum designed to have real presence and has become an iconic centerpiece for Cleveland. MOCA is a non-collecting institution, located in the Uptown district of Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood. In this location the building is exposed on all sides and therefore has multiple entrances. Its façade is almost overall covered in ColourTex Black Mirror, with just one side clad in glass mirror.

‘’Its mirror-finish black stainless steel envelope reflects the urban surroundings, changing in appearance with differences in light and weather. The geometry, form and reflective/absorptive surfaces of the building provide multiple perceptions of the museum, and echo its shifting program that is at once individual, collective, infinite, an exhibition and a place of production.’’Farshid Moussavi

Architect:           Farshid Moussavi
Photo:                Dean Kaufman
Supplier:            Rimex