Mahler 900

Amsterdam (NL)

Architect Rik Bakker of Inbo Amsterdam calls the brickwork on the facades the main support of the concept behind the residential tower: "The brickwork gives 900 Mahler the desired urban and stylish look and also gives the building a sustainable and timeless character."

The brickwork on the residential tower is completely prefabricated. The prefab masonry elements have a height of 3.3 meters and vary in width from three to 5.7 meters. The elements are constructed as sandwich elements, with a concrete inner sheet, hard insulation and an outer sheet of 82 mm concrete and 48 mm extruded stones. The jointing on the residential tower is dark gray, to accentuate the facing brick and the brickwork connections.



Architect:           Rik Bakker - Inbo
Photos:              Bernhard Faber & Milan Hofmans
Supplier:            Hagemeister GmbH & Co. KG