Jewish contemporary museum

San Francisco (USA)

In the heart of downtown San Francisco is the Jewish Contemporary Museum located. Studio Libeskind designed the museum based on 2 Hebrew letters with the meaning ‘’To Life’’. The philosophy of the museum which embraces the idea of multiple interpretations and layers of meaning in life and art is translated into the architecture. The museum has a dramatic contrast between the angled, glowing blue steel clad and the historic red brick power plant from the 19th century within, as an ode to dialogue. For the cladding Rimex’s ColourTex Crossfire Blue is used, this material has a diagonal criss-cross polish and is coloured blue afterwards.

‘’The forms of the addition are clad in luminous blue steel panels, finished in a unique cross-hatching surface that helps to diffuse and soften the reflection of light off the stainless steel. The panels change colour depending on the time of day, the weather, and the viewer’s position, creating a dynamic, living surface.’’ – Studio Libeskind

Architect:            Studio Libeskind
Photo:                 Bitter Bredt
Supplier:             Rimex