Inheritance transformation

Wijhe (NL)

For this project, architect Bart van der Salm has made a translation from local barn typologies into a contemporary appearance.

The inner yard looks subdued and private due to the dark color schemes and wooden slats. With other facades, high fronts offer unlimited views of the landscape. Garden walls extend into the baseboards of the buildings and are erected in the same vowels as the pavement. Not bricked, but glued, so that the texture of the street work continues as a "stone carpet" and thus forms a solid foundation for the houses.

These are built from a customized approach wooden main supporting structure without visible connecting elements. In addition to the supporting function, the construction has also acquired the character of a piece of furniture. This has remained visible and refers to the barn; clear, pragmatic and sober, but with sharp details.


Architect:       Bart van der Salm Architect
Photos:         Bart van der Salm
Supplier:        Custom-made mix of paving stones advised by De Nis