House borchersweg

Borchersweg, Bremen (DE)

The concept of this unique house, located in Bremen, is developed by architect and builder Andreas Wenning. He transformed this building from a commercial complex into a residence with an office area. Before the old parts were demolished and replaced with the new construction, the building was an old locksmith with elements belonging to the 18th century. An important component of this house is the ecological design with pioneering building services, such as a green roof, heat pump and wall stacked with oak logs defining the southern boundary of the large garden. The façade is fully clad with ColourTex Champagne Satin. The use of stainless steel differentiates the house from neighboring buildings. The subtle brushed finish reflects the light and color of the façade and gives it  a refined look.

Architect:           Andreas Wenning
Photo:                Joachim Fliegner
Supplier:            Rimex