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St. Joris Ceramics Industry was founded in 1923. Prior to that the factory made highly artistically designed ceramic materials. Throughout the years the craftsmen of St. Joris have made a major contribution to the world in which we live with artistic bricks, shapes and colours.

Immediately after the Second World War St. Joris switched its focus to the professional development of glazed ceramic products.

The creative company culture has retained the freedom to think and act in forms and colours. Our artisans have worked in partnership with clients since the company’s foundation. We at St. Joris prefer to contribute to the process from the first technical drawing onwards with the architect, designer and planner. And we make each and every brick with devotion and craftsmanship.

Creative and Innovative - We challenge architects to make innovative designs


Brick is a natural product. We at St. Joris respect nature in the production process and in the recycling of materials.

At St. Joris you will find a huge collection of glazed bricks, window-sills, wall-copings, benches and many more. They are designed to fit into classic facades and modern architecture. Made with personal attention to every piece.

St. Joris is Europe's largest producer of glazed bricks. We have become that mainly by staying close to our love for the profession. Which is especially in our artistic characters. In our own product development, designers’ experiment with new ideas on shape, size, structure and colour. At St. Joris work experienced glazing specialists in our own laboratory. They not only provide you with breath-taking colours. At the same time, they take care of the quality. Our glazes are not impressed by frost, heat or graffiti. The quality product of St. Joris is guaranteed.

Together with our single-firing process, the use of pure “Westerwalder Clay”, producing at 1200 degrees and a high-density class.

The quality that St. Joris stands for since 1923!