Den Bosch (NL)

From oil to wine: A 1930’s garage is reimagined into a restaurant and bar.

This former mechanic’s space was once a dark, oily and masculine realm of heavy labour. The architect wanted to create a boot in the face juxtaposition. It needed to be transformed into a soft and light, warm and clean environment, within this old industrious body.

They turned to automobile design of the 1930’s, and fell in love with the beautifully crafted interiors of these cars. It was a world of glossy walnut sterling wheels, streamlined metal details, stitched brown and burgundy tones of leather seating. It was pure craftsmanship. The goal was to capture the essence of that aesthetic and bring it into today in a completely unexpected way. Amplified colours such as cherry, peach and orange create a modern palette of tones and textures and prints, turning the old into the now.

(Source: Studio 34 South)


Architect:           Studio 34 South
Photos:              Nina van Ewijk
Supplier:            Terrazzo from STONE