Fiat Chalet

Dolomites (IT)

Any work project developed by humans should not impose itself on nature, but protect it, understand it, become an imperceptible complementary element of it. This was exactly the idea behind the restructuring of the Dosson hotel and restaurant, 2,100 meters above sea level on Monte Spinale in the Brenta Dolomites. Built between 1965 and 1968 as an accommodation for the nearby ski slopes, the Dosson has managed to distinguish itself from the classic, traditional alpine huts and common, conventional hotels in the valley ever since the beginning.

In 2016, an ambitious restoration work has been initiated, with a project entrusted to Artistudio and his team of architects Giovanni Berti and Monica Fondriest. They had the task of transforming Dosson into the Chalet Fiat: not just a simple shelter, an ordinary refuge, but an observatory on nature with high performances and reduced energy consumption, thanks to a series of targeted interventions, including also the recovery of rainwater in order to yield clean energy.

The new structure has been built entirely of wood and mounted on the site of the existing structure. Its project, highly sustainable, integrates a building with limited environmental impact whose design goals, energy efficiency, improvement of the health condition, comfort and quality of enjoyment of the guests are reached by the integration of appropriate structures and technologies.

In addition to the use of glass, for the perimeter structure there have been used tiles of dolomite, the rock that forms the Brenta Group, as well as corten, the material to guarantee endurance even in prohibitive conditions.

The coating of the wooden volume was made of zinc-titanium Zintek, a material fully in line with this project: secure, eco-sustainable, with a high aesthetic value. With its grey-rock colour it visually blends in with the wood and the surrounding landscape, providing full immersion in the area.

Architect:            Artistudio
Photo:                 Zintek Archive
Supplier:             Zintek