Nordic Copper is the product range for architectural applications, e.g. facades and roofs, made by Aurubis in their rolling mill in Pori - Finland. The unrivaled range of factory-applied surface treatments provides copper and brass with various stages of oxidation and patination immediately. The term patina generally refers to material showing signs of old age, but it is also the protective coating which appears on copper, giving it a long useful service life and an ever-changing surface.

Copper was one of the first metals used by man and is one of our oldest building materials. With the onset of the 20th century and the international modernist movement came a transformation from copper’s historic role as a durable roofing material to a flexible architectural skin over any surface, including walls. As a result, modern architects have focused on copper as a layer covering entire surfaces in order to enhance buildings’ form and maintain material continuity.

Nordic Copper stands for individual architectural solutions, a long life cycle for buildings and a responsible legacy for future generations.


Copper has a long tradition as building, construction and design material. With the growing use of metals in outdoor designs, some concerns about emissions of metals and their interaction with the environment have been raised. Research results show that copper is a sustainable, long lasting material with no harmful effects on the environment.

  • Long life-time – often a life-time of 200 years, but there are some copper roofs which are about 350 years old.

  • Formability – it is easy to form copper into façades and roof structures.

  • Maintenance – a copper roof or façade needs no special maintenance.

  • Temperature and weather resistant, which means a very long service life. Copper is ideal for cold climate conditions and places where temperature variations are high as it does not break when worked/formed. Natural beauty and variable surfaces – available in many shades from natural orange-red to brown and green as well as lively surfaces.

  • Durable and fire safe.

  • Full recyclability and high recycling rate – saves natural resources and maintains its value. Copper is essential for all life.

  • Has low embedded CO2.

life-cycle copper

life-cycle copper


  • Architecture

  • Roofing & coverings

  • Cladding

  • Gutters and rainwater down pipes 

  • Architectural facades

  • Interior design

  • Exterior design