Cittadella dell’Edilizia of ANCE

Venice (IT)

A paradigmatic work that shows how it’s possible to create contemporary architecture today, at the forefront of technological and material choices, respecting space and destination constraints. It is the new Citadel of Building in Porto Marghera, site of three specific activities of the Association National Building Constructors (ANCE) for the province of Venice.

For the construction of the complex two old disused buildings, a laboratory and the infirmary have been recovered and redeveloped. The perimeter and the dimensions of these buildings have determined the boundaries of the new building, and instead of being a limit to the creativity of the designers, they have become ideas for some solutions, such as in the definition of the two oval shaped "towers".

The Zintek laminate, which covers almost all of the complex, has been chosen for several reasons: Firstly, as a luminous but not reflective metal coating. Once the oxidation process is complete, it allows to emphasize the dialogue of surfaces with light, according to a theme very dear to the architect Caprioglio. The zinc covering is also used on the interior walls and ceilings, where it gives the rooms an impression of decisive modernity, tying perfectly with the other materials present, glass and wood.

Secondly, the exceptional malleability of the material made it possible to follow every curve and angle of the designs drawing, creating a "tailored suit" for the Citadel of the Building, embellished by the graphic effects created by the different seaming techniques. Moreover, thanks to its extreme resistance to corrosion and the aggression of atmospheric agents, the zinc skin ensures the buildings protection and gives it a very long lifespan.

Architect:            Caprioglio Architects
Photo:                 Zintek Archive
Supplier:             Zintek