San Michele di Piave (IT)

This church was originally built more than a 1000 years ago. After it was completely destroyed during the first world war it has been rebuilt again in 1922 under the project of architect Luigi Candiani who inspired himself at the classicism principles. It has a very particular architecture which recalls the Roman style. A masterpiece of restoration, with a magnificent dome that embraces and dominates the surroundings, which has become its distinctive trait.

Candiani's original project foresaw that the dome needed to be covered with copper plates or lead to protect the structure and its interior. But in reality it remained unfinished, in concrete until 1982, when it was covered in copper. Although the solution is in line with the initial idea, it did not turn out to be the best choice, since the coating soon began to show signs of deterioration. It was therefore necessary to study a new covering, which would guarantee durability and protection in the years.

As a natural alternative to lead (which is the traditional choice), the zinc-titanium laminate of Zintek presents the perfect colour match for this conservative restoration. Its malleability allowed to create an impenetrable mantle whose joints remind, in a sense, of the shape of two hands joined in prayer.

More than a century after its conception, the project wanted by the architect Candiani, is therefore long last completed and the dome of San Michele can return to be the highest and brightest reference point for his faithful.

Architect:            Luigi Candiani
Photo:                 Zintek Archive
Supplier:             Zintek