30 Broadwick Street

London (UK)

The heart of London’s Soho might be the last place you would expect to find an exemplar ‘green’ building. But 30 Broadwick Street is just that: a sensitively designed replacement for an outdated, over-large office in a prominent position. Beneath its façade – influenced by historic fashion detailing – the development features state-of-the-art technologies for long-term sustainability.

With its prominent position in the heart of Soho, 30 Broadwick Street is a new urban landmark: providing six floors of high quality offices, as well as retail and restaurant space. But it doesn’t just look good. The building has been designed from the outset to be as efficient, comfortable and easy to maintain as possible. St. Joris Keramische Industrie delivered the green and white glazed extruded bricks 240x105x55mm, 1x rounded Stones, Internal Sawtooth, various specials.


Architect:       Emrys
Photos:          St. Joris Keramische Industrie b.v.
Supplier:        St. Joris Keramische Industrie b.v.