Blackburn college: Beacon centre

Lancashire (UK)

The Beacon Centre is designed by DLA Design. This eye-catching building is about 8.600m2 and provides teaching, social and administrative spaces, as well as a library. The transparent spaces within the accommodation encourages interaction between students. The challenge for DLA Design was to design a central hub within a fragmented campus. On top of that, the building needed to receive BREEAM ‘’Excellent’’ status. The dark façade gives the collage an impressive aesthetic look, with shimmering black brickwork combined with darkblue stainless steel: ColourTex Blue Pagoda.

’The contrast between the two materials is accentuated by the reflective properties of the stainless steel, the interlocking shapes change depending on where the structure is viewed from finding fluidity within its angular properties.’’ – James Fairweather, architect student at Nottingham Trent University.

Architect:            DLA Design
Photo:                 Rimex archive
Supplier:             Rimex